Microsoft is working on fixing obnoxiously large context menus in Edge

The main menu in the Microsoft Edge browser

A few days ago, Microsoft published a monthly Top Feedback Summary for Edge post on its Tech Community forum. It features the most popular feedback from users and Microsoft's plans to address it. Those using Edge will be glad to learn that Microsoft is aware of the most popular complaints, and the company is working on addressing them. Those include obnoxiously large context menus, downloads "shelf", and others.

Humongous context menus

Many Edge users agree that the browser's context menus have grown too big. On some devices, context menus no longer fit on the screen. Here is what Microsoft has to say regarding this issue:

We hear that both the right-click context and the … menus are too long, too wide, and don’t offer any ways to customize. You may have seen some ways we are attempting to address these pain points in our Canary channel.

It might still take some time before the promised "attempts" show up in the Canary channel, not to mention Stable. Still, it is good to know that Microsoft is not deaf to users' outcry.

Download Shelf

Another thing customers want from Microsoft is the good-old download shelf that appears at the bottom of the screen when downloading a file. According to Microsoft, this idea has moved from "Under Review" to "Alternative Planned", which means future updates will come with an alternative view for the current downloads UI.

Interestingly, despite quite vocal feedback from users, Google Chrome also implemented a similar experience to Microsoft Edge downloads UI.

Other changes

Here are other ideas Microsoft considers implementing to address popular feedback from users (no specific time frames):

  • Close tabs with a double click
  • A better way to close vertical tabs
  • The option to move vertical tabs to the right
  • Better tools for managing audio and video autoplay
  • Always open favorites in a new tab
  • Search in Collections
  • Respect default PDF viewer

Microsoft Edge developers are also looking into alternatives instead of directly addressing the following feedback:

  • Bring back the Set Aside feature from Edge Legacy
  • Bring back the old downloads shelf

Finally, here are the features Microsoft Edge users want but will not get as Microsoft does not plan to materialize them:

  • Mouse gestures for common actions
  • Allow signing in with a Google account
  • Bring back the Reading List feature
  • A transparent theme for the browser frame
  • The option to match Windows display language
  • Make tabs more squared and less rounded

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