Microsoft launches Modern.IE, offers up free tools to help make you a better dev

Microsoft, in recent years, has made a concentrated effort to help web developers code more efficiently and adhere to web standards. To that degree, Microsoft is again making a large push to help web developers with the launch of Modern.IE.

This new site will focus on helping developers code more efficiently and will offer up two tools to do so. The first tool is a scanner that will provide critical information to web developers about how their code works with all version of IE. In short, when this tool scans a website, it will create a report that lists out any outdated technologies that the site is currently using and also any compatibility issues as well. While the tool is currently limited to providing information, Microsoft is content on evolving the tool based on feedback they receive from the developer community.

Now, before you get concerned about having all of this information publicly available, Microsoft has implemented safeguards to prevent unauthorized individuals from scanning your site and exposing any flaws. The idea here is to provide, confidentially, any outdated services that your site is currently running to help developers build and maintain more robust products.

In addition to offering up the scanning tool, Microsoft has teamed up with Browser Stack to help you test your sites on multiple platforms efficiently and more importantly, for free, for a limited time. Microsoft is offering anyone who signs up on Modern.IE with their Facebook credentials three free months of access to Browser Stack. We should point out that the free three months is for any time during this year, so if you project doesn't need testing for a few more weeks, no need to sign up now. 

With these two tools, Microsoft is hoping to help developers create more vibrant and secure products for modern browsers. In addition, the scanner tool is free and with three months free of Browser Stack, Microsoft is giving tools to devs to help make them more efficient and that's something we can get behind. 

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