Microsoft launches new Minesweeper website as IE10 benchmark

Microsoft finally launched the Windows 7 version of its Internet Explorer 10 web browser on Tuesday, and with that launch comes a new way to test out how the browser handles intensive HTML5-based sites. It's also happens to be a new take on the classic work time killer game Minesweeper.

Microsoft's IE blog has the details on the Minesweeper game-benchmark that can be checked out as part of the company's IE Test Drive site. The site uses a number of elements, including HTML5, CSS3, WOFF and more that are designed specifically to test modern web browser performance. Microsoft says it was made to work best with web browsers that support hardware acceleration. It adds:

Minesweeper’s performance mode measures how long it takes the browser to solve the minesweeper board, so you can test your browser performance with different minesweeper boards with different complexity.

The blog also has information on the over 30 new web standards that IE10 supports, including new support for websites that have better special effects, more detailed and sophisticated layouts and more. Microsoft says that IE10 supports over 60 percent more web standards than IE9. IE10 also loads websites up to 20 percent faster than IE9.

Finally, IE10 integrates new features such as spell checking and auto-correct inside the web browser and has made the closing of many tabs in the browser faster.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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