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Microsoft makes On Your Data in Azure OpenAI Service generally available

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Microsoft is expanding the use of its Azure OpenAI Services for business and enterprise customers. Today, it revealed that the On Your Data feature is generally available for Azure OpenAI Services customers.

In a blog post, Microsoft says On Your Data will allow business customers to use large language models like OpenAI's GPT-4 directly on their data, with the added bonus of access to enterprise-grade security via the Azure cloud technology.

Microsoft says On Your Data will allow those businesses to create their own AI applications and even their own Copilots which will access the business's data. This will allow those apps and Copilots to offer customers more accurate answers to their questions.

In addition to GPT-4, On Your Data will be able to use other LLMs from OpenAI including OpenAI GPT-35-Turbo, GPT-35-Turbo-16k, and GPT-4-32k. Businesses can beef up the security of their apps and Copilots via private endpoints and VPNs. It will also offer document-level access control which will let customers limit access to certain company documents based on Microsoft Entra ID signup.

Copilots created via On Your Data can also be customized further such as limiting the responses to questions and the number of documents that can be accessed.

On Your Data has already been used to create the Priya chatbot from a company called Young Williams. It was made to be used by state governments in the US for their own custom chatbots. That includes the state of Louisiana, where users can ask questions about the government's SNAP system to the Priya chatbot.

Microsoft says On Your Data could also be used for real-time searches of documents, along with analyzing legal papers, generating sample code, answering questions for HP needs, offering health advice, and more. You can checkout the official documentation for On Your Data at Microsoft's support site.

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