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Microsoft offers more info on Flash support in Windows 8/IE 10

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Microsoft would bundle support for Adobe's Flash Player in Windows 8 and also support it in the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10. It was later revealed that Microsoft and Adobe worked together to offer Flash support for Windows 8, despite the fact that Microsoft previously proclaimed that support for plug-in web programs would not be a part of the Metro version of IE 10.

Today, the official Internet Explorer developer blog offered up some more information on Flash support in Windows 8 and for the Metro build of IE 10.  Microsoft said that websites that will be listed in the Flash section of the company's Compatibility View list will be able to run under the Metro version of IE 10.

Microsoft listed some of the Metro IE 10 requirements for Flash websites:

For example, how responsive is the content to touch? Does it work well with the onscreen keyboard? Is it battery-life friendly? Do visual prompts comply with the Metro style user experience guidelines? Sites that rely on capabilities that are not supported within the Metro style experience, for example, Flash rollover events and P2P functionality, and don’t degrade gracefully in their absence are better off running in IE with Flash on the desktop.

Website developers can request that their Flash site be placed on Microsoft's CV list. That information, along with helpful hints on how developers can get their Flash site to run well on Metro IE 10, is available on the MSDN site.

Source: Internet Explorer blog

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