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Microsoft Office 2007 to be released in 2007

Following on from the recent Windows Vista delays Microsoft has stated that it expects Microsoft Office 2007 to be available to businesses at year-end and OEM/Retail in early 2007.


Microsoft has a habbit of releasing products in one year but naming them a year ahead to keep them sounding up to date in the market.


With Office now similar to the Vista release date, the two products will definitely be pre-loaded onto PC's for the new year.


Office 2007 hasn't suffered any major disturbances along it's short time-line unlike its big brother Vista.


Microsoft recently announced the Office 2007 naming and released an updated Beta 1 build to testers.


Office 2007 beta 2 is expected around the May timeframe this year and could make an appearance alongside an updated version of Windows Vista at this years Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Washington.


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