Microsoft patents an advanced eye scanning system for potential use in future devices

With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced some interesting technology around security, namely Windows Hello. Windows Hello offers users a more intimate way of logging into devices by using your face or your fingerprint. While this is all well and good, what happens when Microsoft decides to take this a step further?

According to Patently Mobile, Microsoft has patented an enhanced form of iris recognition that could go into future devices. In the patent filing, the device will house several elements that will illuminate the eye from multiple angles. While illuminated, the camera will capture photos of all of these different instances of the eye, creating distinct data points.

Using the aforementioned data, the technology will be able to differentiate a real eye from a photograph of an eye. This new method of recognition should enhance security by taking extra steps to validate the data presented. Naturally, this is just a patent filing and this technology may never see the light of day in a retail consumer product but it is interesting nonetheless.

Source: Patently Mobile

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