Fallout cosplayer confronted by police after citizens mistake Pringles cans for a bomb

Source: Kyle Martel, Facebook

A man was arrested earlier this week in Grande Prairie, Canada after some confusion over his Fallout: New Vegas cosplay outfit, image seen above. Although nobody was harmed in the encounter, wearing an outfit from a post-apocalyptic game in public, that just happens to include a gas mask and a trench coat, coupled with a New California Republic flag (a faction from the game) was probably not the best idea.

According to CBC News, the cosplayer was on his way to a local business, intending to make alterations to his costume, when some concerned citizens called the police on him. The confusion had sprung due to the tubes on the back of his costume (silver painted Pringles cans) which were mistaken for a bomb. The calls prompted a response from no less than eight officers, guns and all, who then proceeded to evacuate the business and speak to the unsuspecting cosplayer.

Thankfully, the showdown ended there, with Cpl. Shawn Graham of Royal Canadian Mounted Police stating "Through conversation with the male they were able to determine that he was wearing a costume and there was no threat to the public". He also offered some sound advice for any would be cosplayers, saying "There's a time and a place for it," and "Wandering around downtown [is] maybe not the place to do it".

While the man was taken into custody, he was released soon after without any charges. For those who are curious, the costume looks a lot like the NCR Ranger combat armor from Fallout: New Vegas, image seen above for comparison.

Source: CBC via PCGamer| Images: Xbox, Facebook - Kyle Martel

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