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Microsoft Ponders Windows Upgrade for '04

Thanks neo1980...According to developers close to the Redmond, Wash., company, a proposal to deliver a Windows 'Yukon' release—timed to tide over Microsoft and its users until the long-awaited Longhorn debuts—is on the company's drawing boards.

Microsoft executives have held fast to their promise that Longhorn will be the version of Windows designed to follow Windows XP on the desktop, and Windows .Net Server 2003 on the server. In recent weeks, however, company representatives have taken to calling Longhorn the next "major" version of Windows.

So, will there be a "minor" Windows timed to arrive before Longhorn, a Windows 98 Second Edition? A company spokeswoman said that there has been no official change to Microsoft's Windows road map.

But developers working with the Windows team said they are hearing that Microsoft is giving serious consideration to issuing a minor Windows "Yukon" update by early 2004.

"They are starting to look at having some sort of interim version of Windows for early 2004—basically Windows XP + Service Pack 2," said one coder who requested anonymity. Another developer with Redmond ties said signs are pointing toward a Windows release that would hit during Microsoft's fiscal 2004 (July 1, 2003, to June 30, 2004).

News source: Eweek

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