Microsoft posts Flight Simulator's known issues, users report download problems

Microsoft’s latest iteration of Flight Simulator is now available generally. The game is one of the longest-running software programs built by the Redmond giant, with the latest version bringing impressive graphics, real-time weather, and dynamic scenery powered by Azure AI and Bing Maps. The game was released via the Microsoft Store as well as on Steam.

However, though the early reviews have been largely positive, some users – especially on Steam – are reporting problems with the game that range from random crashes, performance hiccups, and the unavailability of additional content for the premium tiers (spotted by Notebookcheck). Microsoft has acknowledged the issue with missing content via a Steam post and has provided a possible workaround while it investigates the problem. The firm has also posted a list of known issues, which could also apply to the version of the game downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

For Steam users that are not seeing the addition aircraft – such as the Boeing Dreamliner – that is part of the Delux or Premium Delux tiers of the game, here is a workaround that might work:

  • Close Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Close Steam
  • Open Steam
  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Wait for the Content Manager to search for updates and download the missing packages

As for other known issues, there are problems with adding peripherals, the Autopilot, automatic switching from NAV mode to the localizer (LOC), and more. Here is the list of known issues listen on Steam:

  • "Please insert disc" issue
    • Potential solution:
    • Check the timezone in windows to fit with your country
  • Peripherals:
    • Crashes can occur when unplugging or plugging in two or more peripherals at once during any loading screen.
  • Aircraft instruments:
    • The autopilot may struggle with altitude and speed targets
    • VNAV is partially implemented on airliners, and not on general aviation aircraft
  • Garmin avionics issues:
    • Some airliners core systems are partially or not implemented
    • The switch from NAV mode to LOC does not happen automatically
  • Content manager:
    • When entering the Content Manager while offline, the content will not load
    • Deleting first party content from the Content Manager will cause it to be downloaded again on next startup

Reviews on the Microsoft Store also hint at users facing download problems, as the game fails to either download, or halts mid-way. The Flight Simulator forums have also been inundated with complaints and posts.

Another issue that is being reported includes the inability of some Steam users to return the game. Since the initial download is smaller, which then initiates a separate 90GB+ download from Microsoft’s servers, the two-hour return period times out before users can even fire up the game. Some posts suggest that reaching out to support helps with acquiring a refund.

Microsoft has acknowledged most of the problems and has noted that it is working to resolve them.

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