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Microsoft reveals more about future speech tech

Microsoft has been working more on speech recognition in a variety of different divisions, including the Xbox 360's Kinect controller, its Bing search engine, Windows Phone 7 and more. This week, Microsoft's press web site has revealed more info on those plans via an article written by Zig Serafin, the general manager for Microsoft's Tellme division. According to Serafin, "At Microsoft, we’re working hard to get technology out of your way so your experience is more natural and intuitive."

One of the things that the Tellme division is working on is the upcoming "Mango" update for Windows Phone 7. Tellme's work will be showcased in a feature that will allow Windows Phone 7 users to have text messages read to them while they are doing other tasks like listening to music. Phone users can also respond to the text message via voice without even having to touch the phone.

The Tellme technology is also supposed to improve the more it is used, Serafin says, "The Microsoft Tellme speech service currently processes more than 11 billion voice interactions a year; each one helping to improve the service and, along with it, your experience. It’s the ultimate crowd-sourcing example." The ultimate result, at least according to Microsoft, is a world that will see speech and gestures control more tech devices. Serafin says, "We see a future where the service will know you: know your intent, your social and business connections, your likes and dislikes, your privacy preferences, and the things that define the context that’s important to you. The result will be a speech NUI service that helps you accomplish everyday tasks in a more natural and conversational manner."

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