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Microsoft sold 84 percent more consoles in February compared to January 2015

Microsoft's Xbox One console has found itself in the underdog position in the market. Despite shipments of 10 million consoles, the PS4 has a large lead in the sales race. With that being said, the Xbox One is not doing poorly, but Microsoft is keeping actual sales figures from the public when it comes to breaking down sales of the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

Microsoft did say that it had "record February sales in the U.S" and that it sold 84% more consoles compared to January 2015. Seeing that Microsoft did not release any hard sales figures in January, it is not possible to determine how many consoles were sold.

It's important to understand the context of the 84% figure because for part of the month of January, Microsoft had a higher price for the console. Also, the month of January follows the busy holiday shopping season after many consumers likely purchased consoles in December ahead of Christmas. That could imply a relatively low sales volume for January.

So what does all this mean? An 84% increase for February over January is not surprising and is expected based on the price cut and that we are now out of the post-holiday hangover period.

The fact that Microsoft did say that this was a record month for them is a decent indication that this was not simply a small increase over previous years, but until they share hard numbers, these figures are ambiguous.

Source: Game Industry | Thanks for the tip Marcus!

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