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Microsoft staff unhappy over stock benefits cuts

Unofficial internal survey finds 90 per cent are "disappointed"...

Nine out of ten Microsoft employees are disappointed with recently announced changes to the company's employee stock purchase programme, according to an informal poll.

About 70 per cent of Microsoft employees that responded to a poll, posted by a worker in a personal section of Microsoft's internal corporate website, said they were "very disappointed" with the changes. Another 20 per cent of the 260 workers who took part in the survey said they were "disappointed".

The survey comes a week after Microsoft announced revisions to its employee stock purchase programme, including cutting the discount that employees receive on stock purchases to 10 per cent from 15 per cent, and removing a "look back" feature that based the discount on the price either at time of purchase or six months previous, whichever was lower. Purchases will now be made quarterly, with the price based on the last day of the period.

About 98 per cent of the 260 employees that responded to the survey said the changes would cut their overall compensation, with 37 per cent saying the change would be "significant".

News source: Silicon.com

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