Microsoft talks about online Word 2013 presentations

The new version of Word 2013 has a number of new features and improvements and Microsoft has been giving more information about those new additions in previous posts on the official Word blog. In this week's newest entry, Microsoft talks about how users of the upcoming word processor software can present their documents online.

The new blog post states in addition to Word 2013, users must also have a Microsoft account in order to use what the company calls its Office Presentation Service. Users can then send invites to friends to view their Word document online.

Microsoft has made some allowances for when people sometimes get behind the Word 2013 presenter in his online demo. The blog states:

A temporary alert informs attendees they are no longer following the presenter. The status bar at the bottom of the word file also informs attendees they are no longer following the presenter, and this text remains as long as attendees are viewing content independently. Finally, the Follow Presenter button in the top tool bar is enabled, and clicking this button allows attendees to easily go back to the same place the presenter is presenting.

Editors can also quickly make edits to their Word 2013 documents while they are offering their online presentation to others. Microsoft says that, when the final version of Word 2013 is released, it will also allow the online attendees to download the final Word document after any such presentation.

Source: Word blog | Image via Microsoft

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