Microsoft Teams gets a new GitHub integration

Microsoft is launching an integration between its GitHub coding platform and the Teams communication tool. The goal is to make it easier to discuss and act on GitHub projects directly from within Teams, similar to how the service already integrates with Slack.

As for what the integration actually does, it's possible to follow specific repositories or organizations, so you can get notifications for activity from them. Naturally, it's also possible to unsubscribe from said repositories.

Whenever an activity - such as pull requests or issues - from a certain repository is posted on Teams, it will show up in a card, which is always updated with the latest status of said issue. The card is also actionable, so you can take action on that activity, like closing and reopening issues, or commenting on pull requests. The integration also lets users open all-new issues from within Teams.

The integration also lets Teams unfurl GitHub URLs, so you can easily see information from a GitHub page whenever a link is posted in a Teams chat. That includes the ability to view specific comments that are linked to, so you don't always have to open the website itself.

GitHub integration with Teams is now available in public beta, and you can try it out by installing the GitHub app from the Teams app store. If you have any feedback, you can contact GitHub support.

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