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Microsoft Flight Simulator patch #2 highlights unveiled, release imminent

Image via SimTom112

Last week, Microsoft Flight Simulator patch v1.7.14.0 was made available to all users. The focus for the update was primarily the addressing of stability and installation issues with the recently released title. The development update for the week of September 3 was made available a few days later than usual, bringing an updated Development Roadmap, version 9.03 of the Feedback Snapshot, and more.

Today, Microsoft has announced that patch #2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is finishing final testing and being prepped for a release which should arrive in the next 10 days. Highlights for the latest patch have also been revealed, alongside news on other deliverables.

As far as the patch is concerned, some of the significant offerings that will be arriving through the update are as follows:

  • Performance improvements
  • ATC updates
  • UI updates
  • Aerodynamic updates
  • Aircraft updates
  • Cockpit visuals and animation updates
  • General aviation system updates
  • General aviation avionic updated
  • Airliner system updates
  • Airliner avionic updates
  • Live Weather updates – (e.g. 225/3kt wind fixed, persistency fixed, etc.)
  • Upgraded multiplayer servers
  • Marketplace updates
  • Content Manager updates
  • Localization updates
  • Accessibility updates
  • Camera updates
  • Bush Trip updates (e.g. completion trigger fixed/Completionist achievement fixed)
  • World updates

The list of changes this time around looks to be more detailed in comparison to the previous patch, and this is only an overview; the full patch notes will be made available when patch #2 is released.

Image via SteffoHD

Moving on, the Marketplace has been updated, bringing a selection of nine new airports to users, including the likes of Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport in Büren, Germany, and the Frasca Field-C16 in the state of Illinois, United States. The Kitfox STi aircraft has also been made available and some airports, landmarks, and aircrafts have been updated.

With regards to other deliverables, the Feature Discovery Series and the Partnership Series are noted to have hit a few roadblocks. More information on these will be revealed with next week's development update. Microsoft has also remarked on its official Flight Simulator subreddit, r/flightsim, having crossed the 100K members mark.

That is all from this week's development update. If previous releases are something to go by, patch #2 should be pushed out to users around September 16, though the officially stated window runs until September 20.

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