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Microsoft Teams Preview users can try out moving the Presenter toolbar while screensharing

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If you are holding a meeting in Microsoft Teams, you or another attendee might want to share your screen with the rest of the meeting members. However, the Presenter toolbar always stays in the same spot, on top of your display, when you are sharing a screen.

Today, Microsoft announced that members of the Teams Preview service can try out a new feature that lets people move that Presenter toolbar anywhere on their screen when they are sharing content.

In a post on the Microsoft 365 Inside blog, the company says:

This makes it easy to adjust the location of the toolbar based on the layout of the content being shared, ensuring that you can still see the important areas of the screen.

If you or your company is signed up to use the Teams Public Preview for Windows or Mac, or if you are able to get Microsoft 365 Targeted release builds, you can try out the new Presenter toolbar feature.

When it becomes time for you to share your screen with others in a Teams meeting, just click Share from the Presenter toolbar as usual. Then, you can lick any non-interactive area of the toolbar to drag it to any part of your display. You can also click on the new drag handle that's been put in the toolbar,which are the six dots found on the left side. Keep in mind that the toolbar will automatically go into its minimalized form after four seconds of non-use.

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Besides the new freedom of movement for the Presenter toolbar, there's another new feature specifically made for sharing video content with Teams members. There's now a new "Optimize" icon in the toolbar. When you click on it while showing a video in the Teams meeting, it will automatically allow the video to have a smoother playback for the people who watch it in the meeting.

There's no word on when these new Presenter toolbar features in Teams will become generally available.

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