Microsoft to spend one billion dollars on WP7 and Kinect marketing

Microsoft knows what it takes to make a product stick in the marketplace. After breaking into the console market with its Xbox after many said that it would fail, Microsoft is about to try and do the same with Windows Phone 7 and also Kinect. 

Microsoft is about to spend a boat load of cash on pushing the new platforms to the tune of nearly one billion dollars, according to It should not come as a surprise that Microsoft is looking to push the platforms heavily as they have taken many years to develop and represent the future for Microsoft. 

The WP7 push is essential as Microsoft is currently not a player in the mobile operating system. As they look to push their mobile platform, the media campaign needs to inform consumers of the benefits of WP7 and why they should choose that platform instead of iOS, Android, or BB OS.

For Kinect, Microsoft is taking on the Wii and Sony’s Move. The controller free concept is a big risk for Microsoft as it is directly targeting the casual consumer. If the platform can hit the ground running, Microsoft will have another weapon in its arsenal to help separate itself from its competitors. 

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