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Microsoft unveils its accessible packaging for the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Today, Microsoft unveiled the packaging for its Xbox Adaptive Controller, which was originally announced in May. Like the controller itself, the package is designed for people with disabilities, so that it can be easily opened. The company said that designing the packaging for the new controller challenged everything it knew about packaging a product, and feedback from beta testers was key to the process.

Microsoft said that it adopted a 'no teeth' principle, because when a package is tough to open, people often resort to using their teeth. The firm wanted to make sure that users wouldn't have to do that, and it also avoided things like zip cords and twist ties.

One feature of the packaging is called loops, which you'll find throughout the packaging. This includes the tear-strip on the shipping package, and there's a break-the-seal label on the retail box that uses two loops. According to Microsoft, there are five loops from start to finish.

There's an open cavity underneath the controller in the retail box. This is meant to provide multiple ways of removing it from the box, and yes, that includes pulling on a loop. But the box itself also has a low center of gravity, stabilizing the experience for the user.

Both boxes - shipping and retail - are designed to unfold in a way that doesn't provide tight edges that you have to reach into. As Microsoft puts it, "The shipper reveals the retail package, and the retail package reveals the Xbox Adaptive Controller." Air cells in the shipping packaging provides protection, while keeping a smaller footprint.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is available for pre-order now, and will ship in September.

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