Microsoft unveils OneNote for Metro environment

While Office 2013 will still be based in the traditional desktop environment, albeit with a Metro-style interface, the company did show off an Office application that will make use of the new Metro environment in Windows 8 and Windows RT, OneNote.

During its Office 2013 event, Microsoft showed off OneNote in the new environment, along with many of its new features. One new feature was a radial menu, seen below, which will provide tablet users with an easier navigation method. Users can touch and hold a spot on a touchscreen device to open the menu, providing options such as font and color settings. The new OneNote app will still feature support for a traditional mouse and keyboard as well as stylus-based input. Other new features include one-touch sharing and searching options. As with the desktop Office applications Microsoft showed off today, the OneNote app for the new Metro environment will also allow touch-friendly zooming features.

A desktop version of OneNote will still be included in Office 2013, meaning two versions of the program will be available. The news of two versions of OneNote shouldn't be too shocking, as Microsoft previously launched a versions of OneNote designed specifically for a tablet interfaces when it launched iOS and Android versions of the program.

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