Microsoft updates Surface Duo emulator with keyboard support and other improvements

It's been quite some time since Microsoft last released a new update for the Surface Duo emulator, but today, there's finally a new one. The company has just released version 2020.429.2, and it brings a few improvements to multiple parts of the experience.

For starters, you can now use a keyboard with the emulator, regardless of the posture and rotation of the screens on the virtual Surface Duo. The update also includes better support for notifications, settings - and quick settings specifically - and the Camera app, which you can actually try despite this being an emulator. The changelog also mentions App Drawer and App Searches support. Finally, there are some fixes are App Compat regarding screen rotation, resizing, spanning, and fullscreen scenarios.

Along with the latest version of the emulator, Microsoft is making the code for Helper Functions, Layouts, and Controls available on GitHub. If you're interested, you can visit the repository to make your own contributions to the code.

Earlier this week, Windows chief Panos Panay revealed that Windows 10X development is shifting away from dual-screen devices and coming to single-screen devices first, meaning the Surface Neo has been delayed. Of course, Surface Duo runs Android, so there's technically no reason why it can't still come out this year, and the most recent reports speculate it could come as soon as this summer.

You can download the latest version of the Surface Duo emulator here. Microsoft recommends you delete the previous version before installing this one.

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