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Microsoft updates Zune.net, removes Zune Player [Update] Zune lives!

It looks like Microsoft may have killed the Zune player, if you travel to Zune.net you will notice that there are no longer links to purchase a Zune player. Also, traveling to the Microsoft store, the Zune player is now out of stock.

There has been a lot of confusion around the hardware side of the Zune brand over the last several months. It was rumored that Microsoft would be killing the platform, and then Microsoft said it wasn’t, but the rumors persisted. Then Microsoft tossed a wrench into the rumor brigade with the expansion of Zune Pass to Canada and also introduced another price option.

While the Zune specific hardware may be dead, the service is certainly not. Zune will, for the time being, living on in the Windows Phone and Xbox platforms as well as Microsoft’s flagship product, Windows.

Update: Microsoft has pinged Neowin stating that "This was an inadvertent publishing issue. The product page is back up now: https://www.zune.net/en-US/products/zunehd/default.htm." For Zune fans, it looks like there is still time to purchase a Zune HD...for now.  

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