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Microsoft will force you to boot to Metro with Windows 8 and you will like it

Maybe you'll grow to love it?

With Windows 8, there are two distinct environments, Metro and the classic desktop. While each interface offers its own set of unique advantages, one option you won't have, according to Mary Jo Foley, is the ability to select which environment you boot into.

The post over at Zdnet and confirmed by Rafael Rivera (who has a new Windows 8 Secrets book out too), states that you cannot boot directly into the desktop experience and instead are forced to the new tiled interface. Of course, there are ways you can work around this and there are several keyboard shortcuts to get you back to the desktop as quickly as possible, but the idea that you cannot select where you boot too is a bit disappointing. 

With Microsoft making the Start screen default, the company is clearly trying to force users to use the new interface. More importantly, it also highlights that Metro should be the key focus of Windows 8 and is where Microsoft wants you to spend that majority of your time when using a PC.

This a bold strategy that will surely anger some who will swear up and down that they will not use Windows 8 because of this and that Microsoft is doomed. For the average consumer, they will likely not care if they can switch where they boot too, but for the power user, being forced into one environment without an easy toggle to make the switch, is nothing short of an annoying inconvenience. 

Source: Zdnet

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