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Microsoft: Windows 11 immensely improves Surface Pro X touch friendliness

At its launch event yesterday, Microsoft briefly discussed some of the new improvements the new Windows OS is bringing to the table for touchscreen devices. The company has now uploaded a video from its livestream yesterday, detailing those improvements. The features were shown off on the Microsoft Surface Pro X.

Windows 11 on a Surface Pro X

First and foremost, touch friendliness in Windows 11 has been greatly improved. For example, when you detach the keyboard on the Surface Pro X to use it in the Tablet mode, instead of the UI entirely altering itself as it'd do in earlier Windows versions, the overall interface remains the same and it just gets more spaced apart which should make it easier to interact using touch. Microsoft also says that touch targets have been enlarged and intuitive visual cues have been added for making the entire touch interaction process easier for users.

The stylus on the new Surface Pro X also features improvements. For one it now packs haptic feedback to make the use of pen "even more engaging and immersive". The company has been working on it for a very long time.

Speech recognition when dictating has also been improved, says Microsoft, as now it is even able to punctuate your sentences automatically. It's also implied that the overall accuracy is also better than before.

Check out this video below by Microsoft that outlines these features on a Surface Pro X.

The next-gen Windows is expected to start rolling out towards the end of this year so we will know more about Windows 11 on Surface devices soon. An Insider build is also expected next week.

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