Microsoft: Windows 8 team makes new builds every day

As we and the rest of the world await word on when Microsoft will finalize the RTM version of Windows 8 (it could be ready to go sometime next week), at least one person is wondering how long it takes for Microsoft to create a new build for its next OS. In a rare public answer to a question on its official Windows 8 Twitter page, Microsoft gave that person an answer.

The Twitter user with the tag Deficiency asked, "Hi. We had a discussion at work how long a build of win8 take. Can you answer this question? Thx." Microsoft's unnamed Windows 8 employee answered back today with the response:

@Deficiency we do builds every day. a build for us is a matrix of language / sku / debug or retail / 64 or 32 or ARM and more.

The answer leaves open the possibility that Microsoft's Windows team could make more than one build of Windows 8 per day. We are pretty sure that the team is burning the midnight oil trying to finish up the RTM version. That will signal the end of major Windows 8 development ahead of its official commercial launch, which won't be until October 26th.

Source: Windows 8 Twitter page

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