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Microsoft wins injunction against Android in Germany


Germany is the land of great beer and copious patent infringement cases. If you are keeping score at home, you can now add a W to Microsoft’s column as it just landed an import ban and a German injunction against Motorola’s Android based-devices.

Microsoft now has the ability to enforce today’s ruling by posting a 25 million euro bond and demanding compliance from the company.  This is another big win for Microsoft as they have been battling patent infringement against Android vendors for some time.

This latest victory is an even bigger slam against Google as the company just acquired Motorola Mobility, specifically for their patents. Seeing that Microsoft was able to defeat Motorola Mobility does not reside well for Google who was expecting to use these patents to defend its OS and also help protect its vendors from having to pay Microsoft royalties every time they sell an Android device.

This particular case involved Android’s multi-part text message layer which violated a Microsoft patent.

Source: FOSSpatents

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