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Microsoft working on touchscreens with one millisecond lag

The responsiveness of touchscreen displays nowadays is pretty good but Microsoft's Applied Sciences Group has a different vision of where touch input delay needs to be. Microsoft wants touch responsiveness to take no more than one millisecond to respond to a tap or gesture.

Paul Dietz is part of the research group that's been looking into the technology which could potentially be used to bring this vision to existence. Dietz believes that 1ms is a great benchmark to aim for, as it reduces the lag between touch input and display response to a pretty much imperceptible level.

Current touchscreens have a lag of around 100 milliseconds, according to Microsoft's data, which results in a recognizable delay between your touch and the onscreen interaction you're trying to activate. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts - will a reduction from 100ms to 1ms really make a big difference in practice?

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