Microsoft's Continuum docks will also feature USB, HDMI and DisplayPort

With Windows 10, Microsoft is looking to improve productivity across devices, form factors and platforms. On the mobile side of the equations, this led to the creation of Continuum, a feature that is exclusive to Windows 10 Mobile and allows you to use your smartphone with a larger display and have it function like a proper PC.

Powered by the Universal Windows Platform, Continuum will allow your smartphone to (potentially) become your only device. The external dock required for this is now rumoured to have connections for as much as 3 USB ports and one HDMI and DisplayPort each. The peripheral is also likely to have its own power supply and, as such, will be able to charge your phone when being used.

The HDMI and DisplayPort will, of course, be used to connect to external displays, while the USB ports will possibly allow for connecting to external storage media, as well as keyboard and mouse input. As previously reported, Continuum will also work wirelessly, over Miracast.

This device, along with Microsoft flagship phones and the Surface Pro 4, is expected to launch at a major Microsoft launch event in October.


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