Check out some of the designs that Google rejected for its new logo

After announcing a major restructuring last month - making Google a subsidiary of the new 'Alphabet' holding company under Larry Page and Sergey Brin - Google itself unveiled a new logo and brand identity system yesterday.

Reactions to the logo have been somewhat mixed - but if you're firmly on the side of disliking it, you might draw some comfort from checking out a few of the alternative designs that the company considered, before opting for its final choice.

As BGR points out, Google posted a second, more detailed blog post yesterday on the thinking behind its new brand design, and it included a photo which showed some of the other logos that were considered.

Some of the designs are very close to the finished article, differing only by the use of colour, or other specific details, such as several variants of the lower case 'g'. But as you can probably imagine, the design process also entertained some more radical possibilities, including the examples on the far right of the image. In these, the logo is represented as abstract geometric shapes - although it perhaps looks more like one of Google's daily 'doodles' than a corporate logo.

It's not clear how far these specific examples advanced in the design process - some of them may well have been rejected at an early stage - as the image doesn't provide sufficient context to determine this either way.

Still, it's interesting to view some of the ideas that Google considered - if only to see what we could have ended up with instead.

Source: Google Design via BGR

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