Microsoft's Cube is a Kinect powered party

Microsoft has a highly talented set of employees who build the products that you use every day. When these engineers, marketers, and creative types have time to build things besides Windows, they can create cool things like the Cube.

The project is powered by four Kinects and five computers; the Cube was created for the Decibel Festival that is taking place this week in Seattle.

The project was born to showcase the intersection of art and technology in a uniquely Microsoft way. The company and team behind the project define the Cube as this:

“The Cube is a canvas for a new kind of creative expression,” explains Michael Megalli, senior director of brand strategy at Microsoft. “It’s an appliance that creates public space.”

You can check out the video near the top of this post to gain a better understanding of what this project is all about. While the Cube will likely have a short lifespan, it is a unique look at what can be done with Microsoft's technology when the end goal is not focused on a core line of business.

Source: Microsoft


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