Microsoft's latest video slams the no-contract cost of Samsung Galaxy S4

Earlier this month, Microsoft's Windows Phone evangelist Ben Rudolph and other members of the company went shopping to show that the value of the no-contract $149.99 Nokia Lumia 521 from T-Mobile, running on Windows Phone 8, was far superior to other phones that could be bought for the same price. Now Rudolph is back again with another video that shows how much you are getting with the Nokia Lumia 521.

The new clip, posted on YouTube, this time goes in the opposite direction by showing Rudolph with a Nokia Lumia 521 and a Samsung Galaxy S4; the latest in the Galaxy S line of Android smartphones can also be bought without a two year contract but you have to pay $750 for that privilege. Rudolph goes into the Center City Microsoft Store in Los Angeles to show what can be bought for the price of the Galaxy S4.

Rudolph already has the Lumia 521 in hand, but he uses the remaining $600 to buy a 16 GB microSD card ($19.99) a three month subscription to Xbox Music ($29.97), a set of Monster Nokia Purity earbuds (99.99) and finally a Asus VivoBook X202E touchscreen laptop, running Windows 8, for $449. Add it all up and Rudolph's shopping spree ended up costing him $4 less than the price of the no-contract Galaxy S4.

Of course, an argument could be made that the Galaxy S4 has more powerful hardware inside than the Nokia Lumia 521 but there's no denying that getting a powerful phone without a contract costs a lot of money and the the Nokia Lumia 521 does pack a lot inside for the price.

Source: Windows Phone on YouTube

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