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More Fileplanet goodies! And 3dgamers!

This is a sort of all in one post I'll do here.
Right now you can go to Fileplanet and join the Open beta for Company of Heroes! Company of Heroes, for those of you who don't know is one of the more highly anticipated RTS games coming down the pipe. I think the only other one I've even heard people interested in is Supreme Commander. But anyway, yeah if you want to check out Company of Heroes just check out the CoH homepage for any information you might want to know. The beta on Fileplanet is large, 1.6 GB or so. There are quite a few people playing it as well, I just checked and over 500 people were logged into Gamespy (sorry guys, it uses Gamespy, go figure) though I'm sure not all of them were playing matches. The game supports matchmaking, rankings and other cool nice thingies.
Now on to some future beta/demo news. Fileplanet announced yesterday they will be offering three (3) huge beta/demo tests soon! And 3dgamers will get in on the action by offering one of the games as well! So without further delay, here are the games:
Archlord which is a fantasy based MMORPG. Lego Star Wars II which is, uh well you guys know what it is (I hope) and last but certainly not least is Flight Simulator X!
Now the subscriber only event for Archlord will begin on August 11th, which is this coming Friday for those of you keeping score here. Lego Star Wars II will start this coming Monday, August 7th and will be available to all Fileplanet members and 3dgamers members. Flight Simulator X will be made available, well Fileplanet doesn't say exactly, only that it will be a few more days. And it will be subscriber only. Of course as always, any of the subscriber events, after a certain period of time, will normally be made available to normal non-subscribers.
I have no clue whether or not any other site such as Gamespot or Filefront will offer similar beta/demo deals here for these games. So for now, Fileplanet it is. And 3dgamers. Enjoy.
Link: Fileplanet
Link: 3dgamers
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