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Activision sells almost $1 Million in Call of Duty 2 maps

According to an article on Gamespot, Activision must be very happy right now. This past Monday during Activision's quarterly earnings report, it was revealed that Call of Duty 2 multiplayer map pack downloads are being very generous to Activision.
In Q2 alone, nearly 500,000 downloads were made. Let's break things down. A free multiplayer map pack was released and downloaded 334,000 times so far. The first "microtransaction" map pack was released, which was the "Skirmish" pack and that cost $5 and was downloaded 105,000 times, bringing in $368,000 in revenue. The next pack was the $10 "Invasion" pack, which was downloaded 66,000 times and brought in nearly $500,000 in revenue.
I think it will be obvious that Activision will continue to offer downloadable map packs for the foreseeable future for Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360. One would expect one of these packs to be released close to the holiday season to capitalize on all the kids clamoring for new maps to frag on. My question is, where the heck are the PC map packs Activision? Oh that's right, no one plays the PC version. I forgot!
What do you guys think, am I wrong for being jaded against Activision over Call of Duty 2 PC? Do you think these microtransaction deals work? Would you, or do you buy these?
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