More info on Internet Explorer 10 in Windows Phone 8

The latest incarnation of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, runs Internet Explorer 10, and while IE has always had a pretty bad rap most critics agree IE 10 is a very good browser, including our very own Tim Schiesser.

The folks over at Microsoft’s Windows Phone Blog, have posted some more info on the mobile browser. There isn’t anything new mentioned but there are some explanations on how the team got to certain features and why they added the features that they did.

First of all the blog post dives into the design of the browser, touting its ability to show more of a webpage by hiding certain features in the “More” -three-dotted button. Then they talk about the new customizable button which can display Refresh, Tabs or Favorites depending on the user’s choice. The “Find on page” feature also makes a comeback after it was left out in Mango. Plus, the team notes, it’s now faster and more robust.

Internet Explorer 10 also brings more ways to share content integrating with Microsoft’s Smartglass for easy sharing to an Xbox as well as easily sharing links through Tap + Send on NFC enabled devices. On top of this the browser also comes with some added security using SmartScreen Filter to protect users against phishing attacks.

And lastly IE10 now has a backup ability which saves your Settings and Favorites in the cloud in case anything goes wrong with your phone. So when you get a new phone you still have all your info.

Throughout the whole article the Windows Phone Team stresses that most of these changes came not only as a natural evolution of the product but due to user feedback, which is still greatly appreciated. If you’d like to get in touch and give them your suggestions you can do so here. And be sure to check the source link below if you want a bit more info on the new browser.

Source: Windows Phone Blog | Images via Windows Phone blog

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