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More Microsoft Flight Sim 2024 info was revealed, such as pre-flight walking around aircraft

Microsoft flight simulator 2024

While the current edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, launched in 2020, is still going to be updated for the next few years at least, Microsoft and its main development partner Asobo Studio, are in the final stretch for the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. The sim will be released on November 19 for the PC and Xbox Series X and S consoles, along with Xbox Game Pass.

Earlier today, at the FlightSim Expo 2024 event in Las Vegas, a presentation on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 was made and was live-streamed on the game's YouTube channel. The presentation was hosted by Jorg Neumann, the head of the Microsoft Flight Simulator game franchise, along with Sebastian Wloch, the CEO of the game's main developer Asobo Studio. They also mentioned that 25 other development teams will be contributing to the new game.

The presentation was over an hour long and has lots of new info on the game but here are just some of the highlights.

  • The 2024 edition will not only include commercial aircraft and aviation missions, but the new version will allow pilots to do a walk around the aircraft to do pre-flight checks.
  • Airports in the game will feature people walking around the terminals and also in walkways to and from parked airplanes.
  • A number of the smaller development teams are creating new aircraft that will be available to fly in the 2024 edition. That will include gliders including the Stemme S12 model, which is technically a "powered" glider that runs on solar power.
  • Climax Studios, a game developer based in the UK, is working on some of the air racing features in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. They will let flyers participate in races based on real-world events like the Red Bull Air Races and Reno Air Races.
  • Finally, the presentation ended with the panel revealing that the most detailed plane ever put into a Microsoft Flight Simulator title will be the Boeing 737 Max, from Asobo Studio.

We will certainly learn more about the new features of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 before it launches.

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