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More Sony hack attacks; LulzSec goes after FBI affiliated site

While Sony may have gotten its Playstation Network back online this week, other divisions of the Japanese business are still feeling hack attacks. The web site Naked Security reports that a hacker found his way into a data base at Sony Europe and took out "120 usernames, passwords (plain text), mobile phone numbers, work emails and website addresses." The story claims that the hacker is named "Idahc" from Lebanon and also claims that he "used standard SQL injection techniques" in order to find his way to Sony Europe's data base. He apparently also hacked his way back in May 2011 into the Canadian Sony Ericsson web site.

Meanwhile, PC Magazine reports that Sony has admitted that the hacker group known as "Lulzsec" are indeed the ones who got into the SonyPictures.com web site on Thursday. The group boldly announced that they had obtained personal info from over 1 million people from the site. Sony Pictures said on Friday in a statement that it had "retained a respected team of experts to conduct the forensic analysis of the attack, which is ongoing."

Lulzsec is not only going after Sony. The group announced on Friday that it had hacked into and defaced the web site of the Atlanta division of Infragard. The site is affiliated with the FBI (in what way is not known) and Lulzsec said in a statement that it had obtained over 180 logins from the site. The group said it targeted the site because the US government had recently announced that cyber attacks on the country might be considered an act of war.

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