Mozilla premieres Test Pilot program on mobile devices with Lockbox and Notes

Mozilla's Test Pilot program has been the organization's preferred way to experiment with new features and customization options, but it's been mainly targeted at desktop versions of Firefox. That changes today, as the program is premiering on mobile devices with Lockbox and Notes for iOS and Android, respectively. Yes, interestingly enough, Mozilla has opted to test each of the new features on separate mobile platforms.

Android users can test the new Notes app, which can work in conjunction with an extension for desktop, and it requires a Firefox account, though desktop users can use the notes without logging in. This is a fairly straightforward note-taking app, but it features end-to-end encryption so your notes stay safe, and it does provide some interesting functionality.

On desktop, users can choose different font size; add bold, italics and strikeouts to the text; or create lists with bullet points or numbered items. The mobile app seems to be able to display this information correctly, but you can only add plain text to the notes as of right now, based on our testing.

Mozilla's proposition for iOS seems somewhat more interesting, though - it's a password manager in the form of Firefox Lockbox. This app will also connect to Firefox Sync, and it'll allow you to access website credentials saved to your Firefox Account, but rather than allowing you to simply log in to websites, you can use those credentials to sign in to the respective apps on iOS. For example, if you've saved your Twitter password in Firefox Sync, you'll be able to use that information to access the Twitter app on iOS. There's also 256-bit encryption on board to protect your sensitive data and you can lock the app with Face ID or Touch ID, as you can see in the presentation video:

Experiments run in the Test Pilot program are not guaranteed to be made available to the general public anytime soon - or ever - but Firefox Lockbox would most likely be a welcome feature for Firefox users on Android as well. We'll have to wait and see if Mozilla decides to move forward with the two new offerings.

Source: Mozilla

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