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Mozilla will begin to roll out WebRender to Firefox users with version 67

Mozilla is planning to roll out WebRender to 5% of stable users with the release of Firefox 67. According to Mozilla’s release calendar, Firefox 67 will begin rolling out on May 21, so some lucky users should see the performance increase that WebRender will bring in just a couple of days.

WebRender, also known as Quantum Render, is one of the new components that has been built using Rust. Back in 2017, Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum, but WebRender was not ready at the time. Writing in a blog post, Lin Clark explained:

“With WebRender, we want apps to run at a silky smooth 60 frames per second (FPS) or better no matter how big the display is or how much of the page is changing from frame to frame. And it works. Pages that chug along at 15 FPS in Chrome or today’s Firefox run at 60 FPS with WebRender.”

According to the Firefox 67 beta release notes the WebRender feature has only been tested on desktops running Windows 10 that are equipped with an NVIDIA GPU. It’s not clear at this time whether the feature will come to older versions of Windows or other platforms at this point.

Source: r/Firefox (Reddit)

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