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MSI - Stolen Video Cards

Woot.com, a popular "One deal" website, has been called out by MSI and accused of selling stolen video cards. MSI reports that an undisclosed number of 7900GS video cards where stolen during transit. At this time MSI is urging anyone with details on the stolen goods to send an email to marketing1@msicomputer.com with "Report Stolen 7900GS cards" in the subject line. MSI removed woot.com from their report about 10 minutes ago. The site now states the stolen cards are being sold on "some websites."

Quote -
We have recently found that our VGA cards as below image with green PCB had been stolen during transportation. We also found out that there are some unknown company and person selling those stolen VGA cards on website such as www.woot.com auction. Please be advised that those VGA cards are pilferage and there will be no warranty on those VGA cards. We strongly suggest you not to purchase the aforementioned VGA cards, the real MSI VGA card for channel is using red PCB as below. If you have already purchased such green PCB VGA card, we appreciate if you can inform us with whom you bought it (Please write to marketing1@msicomputer.com and put "Report Stolen 7900GS cards" in the subject line). We are now asking police for help and we apologize for the inconvenience to you.

Thank you for using MSI products."

Woot.com generally sells one item per day at a mind-blowing price, with the exception of a once per month "Woot Off," where the site sells several items in one day. Woot has decided to make light of the incident by posting "Refurbished, possibly pilfered" as today's item condition. Rumor has it that Woot is extending their warranty (originally 90 days) on the card to 2 years, out of their own pocket.

At the time of this article Woot claims that they have not been contacted by MSI or the authorities on the matter.

View: Woot.com 7900GS Sale
News source: Micro Star International

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