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MSN Messenger game cheating

Cheating is bad, very bad, but possible with MSN Messenger games because Microsoft has managed its code in such a way it can be exploited easily if you know how to code.

One of the things gamers always want to do after they are getting bored of a game is too cheat. A problem with online games and cheating is that most times it means you need to "tap-in" through a back-door (witch is more then illegal) or to decompile the online game to find out how it works. In this case I'm going to provide basic information on how you can cheat on basically every MSN Messenger 6 embedded game. I will be using Bejewelled for example since you can also play and submit scores without playing against a buddy. I will NOT provide the total solution or a prog that does the trick. The last part I will leave to "creative" programmers.

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