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MUJA is a smartphone gamepad with suction cups and touch-sensitive buttons

Crowdfunding campaigns are a great way to get ambitious projects into the hands of consumers. If you were looking for something a little less traditional when it comes to controlling your games on your smartphone, look no further, as the MUJA Stick-on Gamepad could be just what you are looking for.

The MUJA is a thin and light gamepad that does not offer any physical buttons and instead makes use of four touch-sensitive areas on its surface. The device can adhere to the back most modern smartphones, Android or iOS, with the use of suction cups, giving space between the device and the pad to allow proper ventilation.

The 450 mAh battery provides up to 36 hours of playtime and 56 hours when on standby. Despite the firm claiming that the unit has "fast charging tech", the MUJA will take three hours to charge when fully depleted. Luckily, the unit does have LEDs that can give you the status of the battery. Currently, the gamepad offers support for over 30 of the most popular titles available on iOS and Android.

The MUJA is expected to ship to backers in April 2019. You can support the campaign by heading to the source link below and pledging $59. Again, not all campaigns are successful, so use caution whenever backing a crowdfunding project.

Source: Indiegogo

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