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Mythbusted: No link between mobile phones & brain cancer

It’s always nice knowing that devices you use on a regular basis are not causing major long term physical damage. This is exactly the conclusion that the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Denmark (via the BBC) came up with when they studied the link between brain cancer and mobile phones, finding, well, absolutely no link whatsoever.

They studied a whopping 358,403 mobile phone owners over 18 years to come up with the conclusion that mobile phones do not cause brain cancer. It turned out that incidence rate of cancers of the central nervous system was the same for both mobile phone users and non-mobile phone users. Even if you had been using mobile phones for more than 13 years, you are at no greater risk.

This study effectively debunks the myth that mobile phones give out dangerous waves that cause all sorts of damage to your brain. Now you can go about peacefully using your mobile phones, making calls and putting the phone up to your head like you’re supposed to, without having to worry about health risks that seemed unfounded to begin with.

Hopefully this study will also convince those people claiming to have “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity” (EHS) that their condition is bogus. As reported by the BBC last month, some people actually believe that they feel ill from WiFi, cellular and other radio signals, so much so that they have moved to a mobile phone free zone in the United States.

EHS is not even an actual condition recognized by US medical officials…

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