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Mythbusters use Windows Live Photo Gallery

With the Life Without Walls campaign moving swiftly, one ad stuck out in my mind as of tonight. Sure, we have Kylie, aged 4 and a half, who wants to send pictures of her fish. But who can top the Mythbusters?

The new ad featured tonight during reruns of Mythbusters has Kari on a laptop reviewing pictures in Windows Live Photo Gallery from past episodes, including "Walking On Fire" and "Robo Dog". Kari's mother then pops up on Windows Live Messenger and asks why she never calls anymore.

It is really great to see the Life Without Walls campaign stretching new boundaries, young and older folk alike. I am eager to see if the ads produce the revenue that Microsoft is looking for, especially in the Windows Live products.

If Microsoft is smart (and I know they are), we will see more humorous ads featuring other Windows Live greats such as Messenger, Family Safety settings, and Mail.

<br><a href="https://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=643610b4-44fb-4f98-99c1-41d10a26d224" target="_blank">Video: Mythbusters Use Windows Live Photo Gallery</a>

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