myTube! hits version 3.3 and now lets you watch videos in groups

If you're a fan of apps built on the Universal Windows Platform, odds are you'll remember myTube!, a YouTube client which our own Sharath Ravishankar extensively covered back in March. The app is arguably one of the best ways to enjoy YouTube on Windows 10 devices, and it's available for PC, mobile, and the Xbox One.

Today, that becomes even more true, as version 3.3 of myTube! has started rolling out to users, bringing along many improvements and features across all of its platforms. The changelog is relatively long, but the highlight of the update is the Rooms feature. While the developer says it's still in its early stages and it could be months before it can be considered final, it's still a pretty interesting idea.

Rooms will allow users to invite other users of the app to watch videos together. The video playback and playlists will be synchronized for everyone in the same room, and there's also a chat section for users to interact. This is similar to what's provided by websites such as Watch2gether, but it could simplify the process and help converge your TouTube needs into one app.

Also new in this update is private mode, which is similar to the incognito mode introduced to the official YouTube app for Android a few weeks ago. While in private mode, you'll be able to browse through videos without having them added to your history.

When you do want them added to your history, however, you'll now find that myTube supports Windows Timeline, and every video you watch will show up so you can easily go back and re-watch it or finish watching it if you hadn't before.

There are a lot more improvements in this version of the app, so here is a quick rundown of the changelog, which is available inside the app:

  • Language selection between the many languages supported by YouTube
  • myTube-to-myTube casting is now more reliable thanks to HTTP optimizations
  • New theater mode will make videos take up the entire app window without going full screen (PC only)
  • The "Up Next" experience has been improved on the Xbox One and brought over to PC and mobile devices
  • Playlist history will now be visible in the History section of the app on PC and Mobile, Xbox will support it soon
  • You can now pin individual videos as live tiles to the Start menu
  • Xbox One users can now leave TV mode and use the app with the PC UI with a simulated mouse cursor
  • Reveal focus has been added to the Xbox One version of the app

This is one of the most significant updates to myTube! in a long time and features such as Rooms could really make it worth considering. If you'd like to give it a try, you can download the app from the Microsoft Store here.

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