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Nadella: Microsoft's most strategic API is Office 365

Image Credit: Alex de Azcarate

Whenever Satya Nadella takes the stage, he never disappoints. His calm and collected delivery is in stark contracts to Ballmer's loud and outlandish delivery style, but each CEO has created their own styles that fit well within their personalities.

Earlier today, Nadella talked about his company and the strategic directions Microsoft is taking at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo. During the interview, a bit of information surfaced that shows how Nadella views the portfolio of applications his company creates.

If you are wondering what Microsoft views as their most valuable API, the answer may surprise you. Office 365, in Nadella's opinion, is the most strategic API the company has when he was asked about the strength of Microsoft's cloud offerings.

Why? Well, according to Nadella, Office extensibility and data has led to billions of identity transactions in Azure Active Directory, according to Zdnet who attended the event.

It makes quite a bit of sense too. While Windows and Azure are great profit centers on their own, the ability to charge high fees for Windows is becoming harder and Azure is not easily accessible from a consumer standpoint. Office, on the other hand, is a key product for not only the consumer but also the enterprise and Microsoft can still charge fees for this software as the market does not have a comparable that bests this product.

Office is deeply embedded in both enterprise workflow and even the consumer world too. Everyone is familiar with Word, PowerPoint and to some extent, Excel which means that for Microsoft, this product is a cornerstone application for the entire company. And by moving it to the subscription model and linking it into its cloud platform, you can see how Office is the best API the company has, and that will likely not change anytime soon.

Via: Zdnet

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