NeoBytes :) Man buys 99 iPhones for heart-shaped proposal to girlfriend, gets turned down

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Most of us have, at some time, made some grand gesture in the name of love, and many will know that when you pull it off - when everything comes together and you succeed in winning the heart of your beloved - it's one of the best feelings in the world. Of course, when it goes wrong, it's a complete disaster, and you're left cringing in quiet horror at the utter foolishness of your actions.

Such is the fate of one poor fellow from the city of Guangzhou, China, who planned a rather grand surprise for his girlfriend on China's national Singles' Day on November 11. This day of nationwide celebrations often prompts single folks to spend lavishly on attempting to woo their desired partners.

As The Nanfang reports, this particular man bought 99 iPhone 6 handsets in an attempt to impress his girlfriend, at a cost of around 500,000 CNY (roughly $82,000 USD) - or roughly two years' salary for the man.

He arranged the 99 iPhones in a heart shape, and brought a bunch of his friends to witness him asking his girlfriend to marry him, with the hubbub also attracting the attention of other onlookers in the parking lot. Unfortunately, his extravagance failed to impress her, and she turned down his proposal.

Still, given the huge demand for the iPhone in China, at least he shouldn't have too much trouble selling the handsets on - perhaps even at a profit. Silver linings, and all that.

Source: The Nanfang via BGR

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