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Neowin: Weekend ending 1 July Round-up

This weekend saw a number of developments usually reserved for the working week, so we've compiled a round-up of the more important stories we've covered this past weekend.

In summary: The iPhone turned 5 and MobileMe was closed down, LinkedIn disabled tweet publishing to user profiles, Microsoft revealed new features for Windows Phone 7.8 and Microsoft Office 2013 icons leaked; PDF editing was also confirmed in the upcoming office suite.

There were also issues at Amazon due to bad weather which knocked out their cloud services, and Facebook incurred the wrath of its users due to the forced changeover to a @facebook email address on profiles, meaning emails were lost and contact details outside of Facebook were changed without consent.

Check out the list below, oldest to newest:

Of course this isn't everything we covered during the weekend, you can check out the main page for all of our articles, software updates and gaming coverage over at NeoGamr.

We'll do this every week if it's something you want, let us know by commenting below.

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