NeowinCAST Gaming - Episode #3 Exclusive Interview

After a short time off due to unforeseen issues, everyone's favorite gamers podcast is back with a vengeance this week! Paul (lardiop) and Todd (LOC) sit down and have a special Neowin exclusive for all of you. An interview with Pete Hines, who just happens to be the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations over at Bethesda Softworks. Who, or what is that you may be asking? Well, Bethesda just happens to be the company developing the upcoming Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Everything from graphics to gameplay is discussed. We even squeeze in some Fallout 3 and the newly acquired Star Trek license. What exactly is the situation with the shadow system in the game? Will the game release in March? These questions and a whole lot more are discussed this week! So sit back for 48 minutes, grab a drink and some popcorn and have a listen!

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