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New eMachines desktops hit stores

On Monday Gatway released three new eMachines (T2824, T2958, and T3092). These new machines have a price range from $399 - $599 (after rebates). Hopefully the acquisition of eMachines in March is starting to payoff for Gateway.

Gateway on Monday took the wraps off of three new eMachines-brand desktops.

The new models, which range in price from $399 to $599 after rebates, incorporate faster processors and upgraded components but maintain the same basic prices as previous eMachines desktops. Though the timing of the launch is typical for the eMachines line, this time Gateway launched only three new models, leaving off the traditional fourth model, which typically is priced between $650 and $699. The company's move is likely designed to set the stage for the addition of Gateway-brand PCs at retail stores.

Gateway, which acquired eMachines in March, has been aiming to approach retail sales with a dual-brand strategy, much like Hewlett-Packard's, under which eMachines-brand PCs sell for prices of up to $600 or $700 and Gateway-brand machines sell for prices of $700 to $800 or more. HP sells both HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario machines. Some HP models overlap on price and configurations, but the company markets Pavilions as being more high-end.

News source: C|Net News.com

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