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New Lego Star Wars 2 Details

Traveller's Tales has revealed more details of the sequel to Lego Star Wars - including news that you'll now be able to create your very own character.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy will focus on the plot of the first three films, which are approximately as good as the prequels no word of a lie. Speaking to IGN, director Tom Stone said: "We've worked hard to bring out the distinctive individual personalities of all those great Original Trilogy characters - and that's given us lots of cool new moves.

"So, as you'd hope, the Emperor now has a Force lightning attack, Vader
has his Force choke, Han's got some athletic blaster combat moves, and
Chewie's got a signature melee attack - he pulls arms out of sockets!" The vehicles have been overhauled, too. "Giving the player the
opportunity to wander freely throughout vehicle levels is a great
change, as is including vehicles and creatures that any non-droid
character can build and ride through certain on-foot levels," LucasArts
producer David Perkinson told IGN.

News source: Eurogamer.net

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